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Venafi SLC

Salt Lake City, UT.  Venafi’s vision for a radically open work space with no private offices or systems furniture made us wonder how we might establish a gradient of privacy, from phone booth to party space and everything in-between. Our approach was to separate individual and collaborative work zones with blocks of inhabitable poché.  A thick folded wall that defines the kitchen/lounge area houses small booths for phone calls or private work; on its reverse side polycarbonate panels over metal studs inexpensively admit light and views. A transformable space at the heart of the project (large enough to house the entire global staff when fully expanded) is separated from adjacent work areas by a block of diner-style meeting booths on one side, and by a giant furniture-like pavilion on the other. This semi-autonomous space invader was dubbed ‘The Cloud’ by staff in reference to the company’s new focus.
2016 Best of the BEST Award, IIDA Intermountain Chapter
2016 BEST Award, Work over 15,000 S.F, IIDA Intermountain Chapter
2016 BEST Award, Best, on a Budget, IIDA Intermountain Chapter

Architect / Design Team:  SCC-A
Photographer:  Jasper Sanidad
Production / Camera Assistant:  Matthew Baker
Post Production:  Jasper Sanidad, Whitney Sakae Beers, Steven Christensen

scca-venafi-slc-432 Rev - final.jpg
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