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San Francisco, CA.  Excerpt from Architectural Digest:  A new office design by Gensler unites Wired’s print and digital teams, providing a variety of communal spaces for working and socializing.  Private offices were pulled away from the window walls... Massive concrete columns were left exposed to embrace the materiality of the 19th-century buildings. The monochromatic scheme is punctuated with jolts of vivid color.  The design balances privacy needs with a desire for openness and transparency.  “The new space has become a character in the stories we tell. In many of our videos, you feel like you’re in the Wired newsroom,” says Editor in Chief Scott Dadich.
2016 IIDA Norther California Honor Award, Work Medium

Photographs Commissioned by WIRED and Gensler
Photographer:  Jasper Sanidad
Production / Camera Crew:  Whitney Sakae Beers
Post Production:  Jasper Sanidad, Whitney Sakae Beers

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